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About us

About us

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About me

I adore life! Maybe is this to strong intro sentence, but it is the truth. I love every part of life. I love when it surprises me whit its inventiveness… and when it fulfils me we deep feeling of love. I’m sure we came here to enjoy life and I try to live every moment with that in mind and heart. I try to implement gratitude and joy into every day.

Classical facts: Maja Nadjaković, born 78th, I live in Zagreb. I have finished kindergarten (it was painful experience), elementary school (it was little better than kindergarten), Mathematical gymnasium (ooo yeah, much better), Faculty of Sport (yeah, that was one good constant party) …
2001. I became a ski instructor, in 2007. I advanced to ski demonstrator and in 2013. I became a kiteboarding instructor (IKO level 1). In the meantime I completed various courses … like photography course, 10 monthly education for aromatherapy …

About Guštaona

Guštaona was created spontaneously. Thanks to Goran for name proposal…;)
After spending six months in the unemployment office I realized that nothing will happen if I do not create it myself. And than everything started.
Enough about that… other part of history we will write together … 🙂

About us…

At the end of everything comes …. Gratitude … This website is dedicated to my dear parents. That is why this link is called the –  About Us. Branka and Zvonimir, special people whom I am grateful for so many things that one website cannot cover. However, I’m most grateful for their love and effort to teach me the true values of life … Thank you my dearest from the bottom of my ❤️.
I love you infinitely!